Hair treatments

Hair treatments

In recent years, there have been significant medical and scientific advances in hair health. This is reflected in the fact that, nowadays, there are hair treatments for every problem associated with hair health. There are treatments to stop hair loss, provide extra hydration or strengthen and enhance growth. 

However, it is important to remember that before starting a hair treatment it is essential to analyse the scalp and the condition of the hair. Always put yourself in the hands of specialists to make sure you choose the most appropriate hair treatment for your needs.

What is a hair treatment?

A hair treatment is dermatological care provided by specialists to maintain hair health, strengthen it, or give it shine and resistance.

What does it involve?

A hair treatment involves applying the necessary products to the hair to restore its health. There are also treatments designed to help recover lost hair. In general, what is sought is the good health of the scalp and healthy hair growth, as well as its strengthening and aesthetic improvement.

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What hair treatments are there?

There are many hair treatments, and they can be grouped according to their type or objective. At Insparya, we are the number one hair transplant clinic in Europe, and we can offer you each and every one of them. 

It depends on the problem

Lack of hair strength and possible hair loss:             

  • Hair mesotherapy biostimulates and nourishes the cells of the follicular units, causing the hair to grow with more strength and vitality. Insparya’s technique, MESOHAir, consists of a compound of various growth factors, proteins, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. that make it one of the best options for hair care, including after a hair transplant.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) consists of extracting the patient’s own blood and, using an advanced technological device, causing platelet disruption to obtain the growth factors that will be injected again. This treatment rehabilitates the ageing follicles and makes them more resistant.
  • Low Level laser is the application of laser light at low intensity on the scalp, stimulating the cells of the follicular unit and improving the blood microcirculation that feeds them.

Alopecia solution:

The hair transplant is the only definitive solution that allows hair to grow back where it no longer exists. The key is to transfer follicular units from the donor area to the recipient area, which is the area suffering from alopecia. The best-known and most advanced extraction technique today is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). If you suffer from alopecia, it is the most effective option.

Treat dandruff, dry hair, seborrheic dermatitis or irritated scalp:

Sometimes the hair treatment that gives the best results is the simplest one. Without a doubt, using quality hair products on a daily basis is the key to healthy hair, and a very easy measure to apply.

It is worthwhile using hair shampoos that neutralise the main causes of hair weakening as part of your daily hygiene routine. We have anti-seborrheic shampoos such as Insparya No Grease (tea tree essential oil, refreshing oils and marine algae), nutrients such as Insparya Nutri Plus (oatmeal, aloe vera and seaweed), and anti-dandruff shampoos like Insparya Balance (menthol, rosemary and seaweed), as well as shampoos with soothing properties like Insparya Dermocalm (cranberry oil, seaweed and bisabolol). 

What is the most effective treatment?

Whether you suffer from alopecia or not, hair care using appropriate hair treatments is the best option to keep your hair healthy and maintain it over time. But keep in mind that the most effective hair treatment will always be the one that best suits your needs.

It depends on the problem.

The most effective treatment for alopecia, as we have seen, is always hair transplantationas it is the only solution that results in the recovery of lost hair in a definitive way. It involves a very meticulous and specialised procedure to move follicular units from an area with hair (occipital and lateral areas) to the alopecic areas (frontal and crown).

Also, to achieve a balance in the scalp and eliminate or mitigate dandruff, excess oil or dryness, the best advice is to use quality products like the treatment shampoos that you can find in the Insparya online hair products store. 

In addition, hair mesotherapy biostimulates and nourishes the cells of the follicular units causing the hair to grow with more strength and vitality.

What is the best hair treatment?

The best hair treatment is the one that meets the needs of the patient. Each person has particular needs that must be investigated, determined, and treated. Any of our treatments could be the best one for you since specialised and experienced professionals will have selected it.

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Complements to hair treatments

As a complement to the hair treatments, Insparya Group offers scalp micropigmentation,a pigmentation technique that simulates the presence of hair growth on the scalp. The main objectives are to semi-permanently modify, correct, beautify and balance the scalp by injecting pigment into the skin.

How do I know if I need a hair treatment?

If your hair has lost its strength or shine, if it tends to be oily or dry, if you suffer from dandruff, or if there are areas of your hair that lack density or colour, it’s time to consult a specialist and ask for a hair analysis. 

A hair analysis is the procedure that provides us with all the answers to the patient’s questions. We will look for symptoms, investigate causes and possible diseases, observe directly and apply the best technology to provide solutions to your needs. 

As part of our hair analysis, we listen to the patient to find out why he or she has come to the consultation. We ask questions, observe the current condition of the hair and analyse it carefully. We then select the hair treatment(s) that can solve the problem and provide all the information needed to understand how these treatments are performed, from timelines, routines, and pre- and post-treatment care, to pricing. Only once we have found the causes of the hair problem can we decide and propose the best treatment for the recovery of the hair, or the recovery of its strength, shine, body, volume, etc. In short, getting to the root of the problem is what allows us to help the patient regain the hair they always wanted to have