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PRP + hair mesotherapy!

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And you will also get a stronger, more resistant and hydrated hair that falls out less.

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Since it is administered locally in the scalp, mesotherapy has almost no side effects or contraindications and, therefore, it is a safe and effective treatment to prevent hair loss by improving the quality of the hair produced.


Exclusive Formula: Mesohair

Vitamins, proteins and mineral salts used for producing hair from the very beginning.
Growth factors that stimulate follicular units to produce stronger, more resistant hair.
Antioxidant factors that reduce oxidative stress and slow down follicular aging.
Factors with antiandrogenic action that block the prejudicial action of testosterone on hair production locally.
Hyaluronic acid that will integrate the hair fiber produced and make it more hydrated and resistant to breaking and falling.


Learn more on this treatment

Mesotherapy is a hair biostimulation and nutrition treatment aimed at promoting the production of strong hair and treating hair loss.
The preparation acts under the skin, biologically activating follicular unit cells and regenerating epidermis, factors that contribute to hair growth. As a result, hair loss is reduced and quality resistant hair growth is promoted.
Hair mesotherapy is also a good complement to boost the effects of hair transplant because it strengthens implanted hair follicles, activating blood flow, accelerating hair growth, facilitating cicatrization and accelerating cell regeneration process after the transplant.
In order to achieve this purpose, we apply intradermal microinjections with very thin needles in the areas where follicles were implanted. These injections are composed by different elements, such as amino acids, antioxidants, vasodilators, vitamins, polynucleotides, etc.
It is important to remember that, although hair mesotherapy does not cure androgenetic alopecia, it is highly beneficial and advisable after hair transplant/grafting.
Patients who have hair mesotherapy sessions after the surgery obtain better results because the treatment stimulates cell regeneration and blood flow, strengthens follicles, restores hormonal balance and improves inflammation, making hair look healthy and bright.


How is the treatment done?

A mesotherapy session takes 10 to 15 minutes? Session frequency depends on the specific situation of the patient and the doctor’s diagnosis, in general, it is 12 sessions during 9 months.

This is the most common frequency; sessions are scheduled every fifteen days for the first three months and once a month for the following six months.

Hair mesotherapy is usually more effective when combined with other hair treatments, such as PRP (platelet-rich-plasma).

You can attend Insparya clinic in Madrid or Marbella or you can access our online store and buy the treatment to do it at home. The exclusive mesotherapy formula administered by Insparya ensures the best results.

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Effectiveness and Contraindications of Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a very effective treatment, for both men and women with different hair loss problems.

This treatment has almost no side effects because it is performed on superficial levels of the dermis and it does not imply any health risks.

After each session patients have to avoid wet places such as saunas or pools and it is advisable to protect the area treated from solar radiation.

Hair mesotherapy is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, individuals underage and people undergoing chemotherapy.


Insparya, Hair Mesotherapy Clinic in Madrid and Marbella

At Insparya, a hair mesotherapy clinic in Madrid and Marbella, you will find state-of-the-art technology and the best professionals in the country in hair health. Every skin and hair treatment is carried out by professionals with extensive training in oral, topic and injected treatments for hair loss.
First, it is important to take into account that hair transplant is the only solution that ensures quality in reconstructing and correcting areas affected by alopecia. It is also important to understand that follicular units are organs that produce hair and, therefore, they need nutrients and stimulation for a quality, long-lasting production.
Treatments for hair loss have different aspects and stages. Therefore, they must be carried out by competent professionals. All the treatments at Insparya are performed by doctors and nurses. Our clinical team will tell you which are the best treatments and products to solve the problem that affects you, how and when to use or apply them, in order to contribute to a healthier hair.
At Insparya, we offer high quality skin treatments to prevent and treat hail loss (alopecia).
Every treatment may be applied to any patient, regardless of the degree of hair loss, and also to patients that have undergone a hair transplant, improving the health of their scalp hair.

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      5 to 10 minutes.
      Yes, except for washing your hair and going to pools or saunas the first 24 hours.
      It is a 12-session shock treatment. Afterwards, it is only necessary to have some occasional session, as a touch-up.

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