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There is no doubt that hair is an essential part of our appearance, so we must take care of it every day to prevent it from weakening and falling out. Because it not only determines that we have a youthful and healthy appearance, it is also very useful for its work in protecting against the sun. For these reasons, more and more people are committed to their hair health, and are looking for ways to promote the growth of strong, healthy hair. Keratin, a protein present in the hair, can be a key ally in this process. We will now explain what keratin is and how it influences hair growth.

What is keratin?

I’m sure you are familiar with many hair treatments and even shampoos and other products. Keratin is a protein found naturally in the outer layer of hair (it accounts for more than 60% of its composition), as well as in nails and skin. It is a fundamental part of the hair structure, providing strength, elasticity and resistance. It is therefore essential to protect it from external aggressions. The keratin in hair is alpha keratin, composed mainly of amino acids such as cysteine, which are essential for hair health and growth.

Clínica Capilar Madrid I Insparya

Why is keratin so important for hair?

Keratin plays a crucial role in hair growth due to its ability to strengthen and protect each hair fiber and stimulate hair growth. Therefore, when hair is damaged or weakened, it can become brittle, dull and prone to fall out. In these cases, it is possible that the lack of keratin is behind it, or that it has been degraded by the sun, pollution, etc. or bad habits such as the use of aggressive products and treatments.

Therefore, by providing the hair with essential nutrients and necessary protection, keratin can improve its overall health and promote healthy growth. Thus, topical application of hair products containing keratin can help repair damaged hair, restore shine and softness, and prevent breakage. 

Also, a balanced diet that includes foods rich in various hair vitamins can help boost keratin production. This is the case of C, in addition to vitamin A, which also plays a role in the generation of keratin. The B group is also interesting, especially B6, B12 and biotin. Minerals such as iron, zinc and sulfur are indispensable for the synthesis of keratin.

Keratin hair treatments 

Keratin straightening is undoubtedly one of the star hair treatments of recent years. It eliminates and prevents frizz, repairs and deeply nourishes the hair and increases its shine and softness. But keratin is also included in hair products such as masks or conditioners that provide intense hydration and repair damage caused by excessive use of heat tools, chemicals or environmental factors. 

In addition, hair treatments such as MesoHair+ Hair Mesotherapy include keratin amino acids for stronger, shinier hair and to boost the production of new, healthy hair. Its exclusive formulation contains more than fifty active ingredients, including non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, biotin, various growth factors, antioxidants, centella asiatica, gingko biloba extract and 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor.

For this reason, mesotherapy, alone or in combination with other hair treatments such as the ActivePlasma or photobiomodulation is highly recommended to improve overall hair health and enhance the generation of new, quality hair. This treatment is also indicated for recovery after a transplant, it is painless, as well as quick and easy to apply. In this case, hair regeneration will be activated, in addition to stimulating hair growth and the blood circulation that nourishes the follicular units.

If you notice symptoms of capillary weakening, lack of shine, hair loss, etc., consult your specialist now. At Insparya our multidisciplinary medical team will study your case to determine the cause of your problem and find a 100% personalized solution. Contact us now and request your first free appointment.