Insparya Hair Technology
  1. Insparya Hair Technology: 360º hair technological innovation

The scientific and technological research being conducted by the Insparya Science and Clinical Institute is revolutionizing the field of hair health. It represents a commitment to the development of technology that we apply throughout the entire hair transplant process: from diagnosis to the intervention itself, subsequent follow-up and team training. Everything, aimed at continuously improving the quality of transplants, which are the only definitive solution against alopecia. But what does all this technological innovation translate into? We will explain bellow:

  1. The Insparya method

It is the result of this effort in research, technology and improvement. The Insparya method is the basis for the success of the more than 50 thousand transplants performed in our clinics over the last 14 years. We collaborate with clinical teams, allowing us to develop new tools and devices and improve even more quickly. In addition, we have the necessary technology to build prototypes internally.

In summary, the Insparya method combines specialization and technological innovation. With the essential work of the experienced professionals who make up our team and who never stop training, we have developed our own hair technique. It is, therefore, a unique and revolutionary method, completely safe and effective. 

  1. Technological research for faster and higher quality transplants

As we said, at Insparya we are committed to the development of our own technology. That is why we invest in R&D, to create technological solutions that constantly improve the process and quality of hair transplants. These are our main projects:

  1. BotHair Ultra Plus 

This innovative and disruptive technological device represents a revolution in the extraction of follicular units, facilitating maximum precision. With its help, the extraction and conservation process are streamlined, reducing the necessary steps and minimizing the manipulation of the extracted follicular units. This reduces the risk of damage and guarantees optimal conservation.

Likewise, the automated process makes it more comfortable for the medical team, reducing the number of movements and preventing injuries. All of this results in fewer errors, so the transplant is conducted with more precision and quality.

Furthermore, the entire tool, including its software, has been created by and for Insparya. This allows the work technique to be personalized to adapt to the needs of each patient.

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  1. Implantation device

The process of implanting follicular units in a hair transplant is an incredibly detailed task, which requires a lot of precision and skill on the part of the medical team. Having to place 4,000 follicular units one by one is exhausting, because it requires constant attention, in addition to being a very repetitive process.

The device created by Insparya, part of the BotHair Ultra Plus, is a perfect ally for this key task for the success of the transplant. The implanter tool allows 25 follicular units to be implanted, one by one, without any additional loading movement. The number of movements is thus reduced from two thousand to 160. Therefore, it allows greater speed, reducing manipulation of the follicular units, which prevents damage. In addition, it translates into less workload for doctors and greater performance, as well as better and more natural results.

  1. Charger device

In order to fill the barrels with follicular units efficiently, we have also developed a specific device for this. It is a tool with a built-in suction system, with which the follicular units are loaded efficiently and safely, reducing handling and possible resulting damage. This also implies faster processing and less workload for doctors.

  1. Follicular unit counting system

This system developed by Insparya has multiple benefits, as it provides an accurate and validated method to count the actual number of transplanted follicular units. With this information it is possible to reduce the misleading advertising that is sometimes seen in the sector. We thus ensure that patients receive real data on transplanted follicular units, in a verifiable and reliable manner. 

On the other hand, the system improves patient confidence and their ability to make a decision when choosing a clinic, relying on objective information. What’s more, the system can be used by patients from different clinics, which means greater transparency in the sector and more security for the patient. This also derives from the fact that the validation of the number of transplanted follicular units is conducted by a prestigious international company such as Insparya.

  1. Robotic arm: HairBot

Designed to conduct hair transplant procedures with greater quality, safety and reliability. The technology used in the development of HairBot includes tools to improve the performance and results of the clinical team, such as perception and vision systems to detect the location and position of the follicular units with the highest precision. Work is also being done on full control of the movements of the robotic arm to perform precise extractions and implantations.

Likewise, internal designs and developments are being conducted to obtain a better configuration between the parts of the robotic arm. Companies such as KUKA, one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent robotics, and Real Robotic Systems engage in this process. Collaboration with the University of Coimbra is also fundamental in the development of this technology.

Furthermore, the clinical team, with its experience in performing hair transplants, is directly involved in the development, so the results are better and faster. In this sense, it must be emphasized that the robotic arm will never perform a hair transplant procedure without human control. There will always be a team operating it, led by an expert doctor, who will monitor all the functions and steps to ensure that the procedure is done correctly.

  1. Hair valuation: the only hair valuation system in the world that uses Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in hair assessment allows Insparya to offer patients an accurate and fast evaluation, with the convenience of being able to access it from anywhere in the world. Likewise, the algorithm developed by the technological research teams facilitates the standardization of assessments and prescribed treatments, ensuring the quality and high medical standards of Insparya. The criteria used are precise and reliable, so the hair diagnosis obtained is also reliable.

  1. Immersive virtual reality healthcare training: the only hair training program with a haptic arm

The application of virtual reality to train our team allows them to receive real tactile sensations. It is achieved with a haptic arm that has specific programming, which has been developed under the supervision of the Insparya medical team to reproduce diverse types of sensations related to the scalp and different hair textures, among others. 

Thus, with a faithful reproduction of the head of a patient with alopecia, elements are incorporated that increase the level of difficulty of the procedure. More gray hair, bleeding, swirls, scars, curly hair, etc. This way, the professional practices in a realistic virtual environment, improving their surgical skills before applying them on real patients and increases self-confidence.

  1. The research team

The Insparya Hair Tech technological research unit, located at the Insparya Science and Clinical Institute in Porto, is made up of six researchers under the direction of Dr. Carlos Portinha, Clinical Coordinating Director of Insparya and the R&D area. For his part, Tiago Esteves, Doctor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, leads the technological research of the Insparya Group.

The Insparya Hair Tech team of researchers works at the forefront, developing and applying innovative technologies for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hair loss and other hair conditions. They use multidisciplinary approaches that combine clinical expertise with engineering, biotechnology and scientific research to offer advanced and effective solutions to patients. Furthermore, the collaboration between researchers and the leadership of Dr. Carlos Portinha and Tiago Esteves allows for a unique synergy between clinic and technology, driving the research and development of new hair care solutions. 

In short, Insparya Hair Tech is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in the field of hair health, with the goal of offering patients the best viable solutions for hair health care. Receive your free diagnosis by video call how and wherever you want or make an appointment now at any of the Insparya Group clinics. Contact us now and say goodbye to alopecia forever.