tips for hair care at home

Five tips for hair care at home

In many cases, our hair suffers due to external agents, but problems can also occur at home. Not subjecting hair to external aggressions (pollution, sun, etc.) does not mean that there aren’t other types of agents that can be harmful to hair, leading to weakening or even loss.

We at Insparya bring you five tips for taking care of hair at home.

1. Should everyone wash their hair every day?

It is often advised to wash your hair daily. Just like any other part of your body, it gets in daily activities due to air, dust, sweat, etc. Daily washing is recommended for those who tend to have a greater amount of sebum on their scalp and hair. On the other hand, those with drier hair can wash their hair every other day or every three days.

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Psychologists recommend getting dressed and taking off your pyjamas; on a psychological level, it is necessary to comb your hair every day. As for hair health, this is especially recommended for those who have long hair. But keep in mind that you should do this the right way to avoid damaging the hair. We recommend using thick barbed combs, and brushing should start at the hair root and end at the tips. Don’t brush the same area too much (just 10 to 20 strokes ), and always do it before bedtime.

In cases where hair is tangled, it is recommended to detangle it before taking a shower. If this is done later, the hair will be even more tangled and could be damaged further.

We always recommend going to a specialist who knows how to treat hair properly. When using hair dyes, if there is no other alternative, look for vegetable dyes that have the least number of chemicals to minimise damage to the scalp.

4. Is artificial light just as harmful to the hair as it is to the skin?

The effects that artificial light can have on hair will largely depend on the number of hours a person is in front of a computer screen or near artificial light. Likewise, this type of light produces a change in the appearance of the skin; it takes on a yellowish colour commonly called sallow skin. The scalp may appear more dull than usual. That’s why using oils may be necessary in these cases, mainly for dull or dry hair resulting from extended exposure to artificial light. However, while some people recommend changing shampoo, claiming that hair gets used to its benefits, this is actually a myth. Changing shampoo is not entirely advisable because, while hair cycles change over time, there is no evidence that this change is due to the shampoo used up to that moment. When using the same one, there are times when the hair will appear drier or oilier, and that does not mean that we necessarily have to change shampoos.

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5. Do sweets harm our hair?

A very common tactic in these situations is the so-called ”assault on the fridge.” It’s easier to be tempted by sweets and unhealthy food. Remember that excessive sweets are harmful to both health and hair since sugar produces androgens, which can lead to hair loss. It’s important to develop healthy eating habits, remembering that the most suitable foods are those which contain proteins from animal origins (eggs, meats …) or vegetable origins that will provide the body – and, therefore, the hair – with essential nutrients for strengthening it, such as vitamin B12, magnesium, and zinc.