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BotHair UltraPlus
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Insparya Hair Tech

We have developed proprietary hair tech innovations that cover the entire spectrum of hair health care, from diagnosis, transplant intervention, and monitoring to training of our teams.

BotHair Ultraplus is Insparya’s new technology, a disruptive and innovative device that performs an even more precise extraction of follicular units. It avoids having to handle the follicular unit, reducing the risk of damaging it, which could compromise its vitality and reduce its capacity to produce hair.

An innovative tool with the Insparya seal of approval.

Clínica Capilar I Insparya ®

BotHair® UltraPlus benefits

  • Our own patented technology
  • Shorter procedure time: with BotHair® UltraPlus, the procedure is quicker
  • Less damage to FUs in extraction
  • A higher hair follicle survival rate
  • An automatic process that is easier for the team: this improves the quality and conditions of the transplant for our medical team, thus reducing the number of movements from 4,000 to 160 on average, while at the same time preventing injuries
  • An automated process with less risk of error

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Clínica Capilar I Insparya ®
Biomedical hair research

Insparya Hair Science

Multiplication of follicular units, the future of definitive treatments for alopecia.

Insparya Hair Science research aims to develop innovative, cell-based regenerative drug therapies so that patients who do not have enough donor area can find a solution to reverse hair loss.

Clínica Capilar I Insparya ®

We study follicular units in depth with the aim of multiplying them using stem cell technology to offer a definitive solution to everybody suffering from alopecia. A s result of this project studying the complexity of the hair follicle to find a definitive solution to alopecia, our revolutionary discoveries are being implemented in therapeutic solutions that improve patients’ quality of life.

The Insparya Group collaborates with the I3S Institute to position itself as the leading expert in alopecia.

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Clínica Capilar I Insparya ®
Insparya Method Training

Insparya Hair Academy

All our teams are trained exclusively on the Insparya Method, a unique method based on Insparya’s own technique and technology.


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