superfoods for your hair

The seven superfoods for your hair

Here’s a list of the seven best products to improve hair health.


This fish is very rich in proteins and vitamin D, but the greatest benefit for the hair has to do with essential fatty acids, particularly omega-3s. These support proper hair growth and development of cell membranes, as well as scalp health.


This legume is a plant protein with a high zinc and magnesium content. Its most notable content, though, is biotin, which supports proper growth of the cell membrane that gives rise to the hair root, thus encouraging balanced hair health.

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We recommend always choosing the darkest rice possible, such as basmati, brown, or steamed rice. These varieties are very rich in B vitamins, which encourage proper cell growth, making the hair strands grow stronger and in greater quantity.


This source of proteins has high biological value and is also rich in biotin. This is why it is extremely important for hair growth, as biotin favours stronger, healthier hair, thus preventing hair loss.


Its main advantage is carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. Carotenes are nutrients that promote the health of both skin and tissue membranes. Higher carotene levels mean better prevention of dandruff and hair loss.

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The host of nutrients it provides is very important for hair health: vitamins A and C, zinc, magnesium, and iron. The last of these is particularly important for women’s hair.


Oats are very rich in vitamin B and zinc, so they are primarily beneficial for their silicon content, a key component of keratin, the main element of our hair’s skeleton.

A tip: have oatmeal at breakfast with milk or yoghurt, and you’ll be giving your hair an extra nutritional boost with a highly beneficial effect on its health.