hair care for kids

Hair care for kids

Hair care is currently a concern for many adults, but hair care should actually start from an early age. Parents should set an example, showing their children that hair is an essential feature that must be protected. It’s an indicator of physical health that also ends up impacting our image.

It’s fun to see little ones around the house with hair ties, braids, and other kinds of hairstyles. Don’t forget, though, that kids’ hair is thinner than adults’ and therefore requires twice the care.

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The most important aspects of hair care for kids

There are several factors to consider, but some of the most important would undoubtedly be how tightly they put their hair up. Excessive pressure can leave hair brittle and weaken it. The hair’s dryness should also be taken into account. This is not the only thing that should be looked at.

Using a hairdryer or other appliances that aim direct heat at the hair should be avoided; if used, this should be done with great care, never over-using them. According to the American academy, when choosing a hair styling tool, it is better to opt for a wide spiked comb. One remarkable fact is that, in the United States, 3% of visits to the paediatrician are due to hair loss in children.

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Other hair care you can teach little ones

Little ones should be taught these steps clearly and simply. Wet the hair and scalp well, put the proper amount of shampoo in their hand, massage the scalp well before moving on to the rest of the hair, and rinse well with warm water until it is free of foam. Finally, it’s important to teach them how to dry it without damaging their hair. Wrap a towel around the head to absorb excess water, and don’t forget that the hair should not be combed while it is still wet but instead combed gently when it is damp or dry.

Insparya’s clinical medical team recommends that children between the ages of 8 and 11 years should wash their hair once or twice a week. Starting at age 12, when puberty begins, hair should be washed every or every other day.

Most common causes of alopecia among children

While it may not seem very relevant, the possibility of children suffering from hair loss should be taken seriously. Common causes of nonscarring (reversible) alopecia in childhood include alopecia areata and scalp ringworm. Alopecia areata is characterised by the sudden appearance of one or more areas devoid of hair that can be circular or oval. Scalp ringworm is a fungal infection of the hair commonly seen among children that rarely appears after puberty.

Hair care for kids is an important aspect of their health, and we have to think about how to do this, keeping in mind factors that can lead to this disease.