Trichology: What it is, how it works, and who practices it, etc.

Trichology: What it is, how it works, and who practices it, etc.

You may have come across the term trichology at some point when you were looking for something related to hair health, but you didn’t quite know what it referred to. Well, today we’re going to tell you everything you wanted to know!

What is trichology? 

Trichology is the science of hair. It’s usually associated with doctors but it’s not necessary to be a doctor. In reality, anyone who studies hair, specialises in hair or knows a lot about it can be called a trichologist.

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What does a trichologist do?

Basically, a trichologist investigates and researches hair, both in terms of medical and surgical treatments. This is in addition to updating current knowledge about clinical studies and trials. This is pursued with a view to finding the best procedures for the two types of treatments mentioned above, medical and surgical.

Types of professionals 

A trichologist, strictly speaking, should be a doctor, as that would ensure that they are best prepared to deal with and treat a health issue. Nowadays, however, the term is used to describe various types of medical professionals and non-medical personnel (people without official qualifications who simply know a lot about hair).

Although training is required, unfortunately, in much of the world today there is no formal training. On the other hand, to become a doctor, it’s compulsory to have completed a medical degree.

Trichology is not regulated by law nor is its training standardised. There are scientific associations that aim to set criteria that would permit those wishing to do so to legitimately be called trichologists, grounded in substantial training and knowledge. However, currently, these associations lack meaningful legal foundations.

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How can you study trichology?

Nowadays, the conventional way to get started in trichology is to study medicine. You can also attend trichology group studies that hold meetings where they discuss current research in the area.

Insparya conducts in-house training courses to develop our staff’s theoretical knowledge. We seek to support our health personnel in order to offer the best services and the latest advances in the hair sector.

What is a trichogram?

A trichogram is an analysis of a patient’s hair to diagnose their hair condition. The hairs to be studied are removed and observed under a microscope. That way, we can study various aspects such as the phase of growth the root of the hair bulb, angulation, and colour, etc.