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Insparya Dual Extraction Device Transplant

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Hair Transplantation is a meticulous procedure that requires teams of trained and experienced doctors and nurses being the most effective in the treatment of baldness. In this sense, we must point out that Insparya uses the most sophisticated technology, invests in continuous training programs and invests in research allied to the most prestigious scientific and technological centers to offer our patients the best choice in this area.

Insparya has a Technologically Advanced Device, Exclusive and of internal development, that revolutionized the hair transplant

Using unique systems and adjustments, this equipment achieves a unique precision and speed in the excision of the highest quality follicular units for transplantation.

How does work the Insparya DUAL EXTRACTION DEVICE?

This technology allows a wider, faster and more accurate extraction of the follicular units, associated with less injury of the cutaneous tissue in the zone of extraction. 

It is a minimally invasive procedure, using local anesthesia, which allows the patient to return to his daily activities in a few days.

Definitive results can be ensured as well as a natural-looking hair without linear scars or other marks normally visible in traditional hair transplant techniques.

Advantages of Insparya DUAL EXTRACTION DEVICE

  • Efficiency. The hair of the transplanted area looks natural, grows regularly and can be combed and cut without any limitations.
  • Precision. There are no visible differences between the transplanted area and the remaining scalp. The results are permanent.
  • Comfort and security. With the Insparya DUAL EXTRACTION DEVICE there are no cuts or scars. The procedure is painless, using local anesthesia.
  • Speed. The technique is performed in a single session and has a rapid recovery. The patient returns home the same day and can resume his regular activities in a few days.
  • Reliability. Factors such as human error and fatigue, which influence the success of the manual procedure, are highly minimized thanks to the precision and consistency of this follicular unit extraction technology.

Common questions

How long does the hair transplant procedure take with the FUE-DUED technique?

– In average, 6 to 7 hours.

How is the post-treatment?

– It’s usually simple. During the procedure a volume of anesthesia is administered locally consisting largely of saline solution, which causes swelling. In general terms, this swelling goes away gradually until it disappears completely within 4 to 8 days. The recovery reactions vary according to the rigor of the fulfillement of the recommendations of the clinical team, adjusted for each clinical condition and also dependent on the eating habits and fluid intake of each individual.

What care should be taken soon after transplantation?

– In the 3 days following the procedure, the hair can not be washed, only hydrated with physiological serum. The transplanted area should be uncovered, avoiding (although not prohibited) the use of scarves and hats. In these first 3 days one should not be directly exposed to the sun. However, care can be adjusted according to the conditions of each individual.

The transplanted hair falls?

– The transplanted hair does not fall if the general state of health has not changed since the date of the transplant. The most frequent causes of transplanted hair fall are: Malignant cancer therapy, radiation for long periods, daily inhalation of industrial chemicals, chronic inflammatory disease, burn and scalp surgery.

All this information does not dispense person evoluation with the clinical team to be evaluated and advised according to each clinical condition and lifestyle.

More than 35,000 hair transplants guarantee our experience

Our mission is to provide our patients a specialized and personalized service, in accordance with the best practices associated with each of the medical treatments and clinical procedures that we offer.


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