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Hair transplant

The number one hair clinic lands on Madrid



We are proud to have a medical team experienced in hair transplantation and pioneer in the FUE technique, an innovative, safe and effective capillary transplant process.

Hair transplantation is a meticulous procedure, which requires teams of trained and efficient doctors and nurses, being the most effective procedure in the treatment of baldness. In this sense, we must underline that Insparya uses the most sophisticated technology, invests in continuous training and education programs and supports research, together with the most prestigious centers in the scientific and technological areas.

The clinical team is made up of professionals with considerable experience in this area, who have the recognition of the most prestigious global societies, both at the clinical level and at the research level.

Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction - FUE)

The FUE – (FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION) technique is the latest innovation worldwide and is the one that presents the best results. Its use allows to see results immediately after the first session, being recommended for the definitive treatment of alopecia and for the reconstruction of hair transplants or other poorly executed procedures.

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• Obtaining hair is achieved by extracting hair follicular units from the donor areas of the patient’s scalp

• Being the patient’s own hair, the risk of rejection of the hair transplant is non-existent

• Throughout the procedure the characteristics, needs, physiognomy and specificities of each person are respected • All the intervention is painless thanks to local anesthesia. It is a rigorous procedure that allows to obtain single, double, triple or more follicular units, which contain one, two, three or more hairs, according to the specific needs of each case.


After elimination of pain sensitivity, a period of about 2 to 3 hours is followed by the individual harvesting of each follicular unit using DUED. The selection of units to be extracted is determined according to a minimum distance between extraction points. These follicular units are carefully handled and evaluated, and those that are in a state of degradation are eliminated by their inability for transplant. This phase is followed by the implantation phase of all the healthy follicular units obtained in the previous stage.


The implantation process is meticulously calculated taking into account that the hair is considered in a three-dimensional way.

The final natural aspect of Transplant, namely the frontal hair line, depends essentially on this phase of implantation.

More than 35,000 hair transplants guarantee our experience

Our mission is to provide our patients a specialized and personalized service, in accordance with the best practices associated with each of the medical treatments and clinical procedures that we offer.