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BioStimulation and Hair Nutrition Treatment

BioStimulation and Hair Nutrition Treatment that consists of the subcutaneous administration of a preparation that biologically activates the cells of the Follicular Unit, thus promoting the production of hair with higher quality and resistance.

Being the Hair Transplant the only solution that guarantees with quality the reconstruction and correction of the corporal areas affected by Alopecia (in particular Androgenetic) it is important to realize that the follicular unit is the organ that produces the hair and as such it needs nutrients and stimulus so that this production is maintained with the highest quality and for the greatest number of years.

In this sense, at Insparya we have the highest quality dermatological treatments in the prevention and treatment of Alopecia (Baldness).

All treatments can be applied to any patient, even in patients who have already undergone a Hair Transplant, in order to improve the Health of their scalp and of the hair.

At Insparya we use a unique solution that contains:  

Vitamins, Proteins and Mineral Salts that will be used for the production of hair from the first moment;  

Growth Factors that will stimulate Follicular Units to produce stronger and more resistant hair;

Antioxidant factors that reduce oxidative stress and, therefore, slow down folicular aging;

Antiandrogenic factors that locally block the harmful action of testosterone in hair production;

Hyaluronic acid that will integrate the hair fiber produced and make it more hidrated and resistant to breakage and fall.

Mesotherapy, as it consists of local administration (scalp) of the above mentioned substances has no systemic effects or contraindications, proving to be a safe and effective treatment in the preventive approach of Alopecia, always conferring an increase in the quality of hair produced.

Treatment by Mesotherapy is advised to all patients, regardless of their degree of alopecia and is even indicated in patients who have already undergone the Hair Transplant.

More than 35,000 hair transplants guarantee our experience

Our mission is to provide our patients a specialized and personalized service, in accordance with the best practices associated with each of the medical treatments and clinical procedures that we offer.


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