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Insparya Hair Technology

Hair Transplant and Research Technologies

Insparya invest on the development of work tools that allow the continuous evolution of the Hair Transplant process.

The development of tools using advanced digital imaging and intelligent algorithms, as support of the technologies used, aims to make the process of identification and extraction of hair follicular units faster and more precise.

This Dual Extraction Device technology ensures definitive results and a natural-looking hair with no visible scars or other marks normally visible in traditional hair transplant techniques. It is a minimally invasive, painless procedure that allows the patient to return to daily activities in a few days.

Therefore, we take further the excellence of the procedures we carry out, reason is why we invest in the research and development of Technological Solutions that improve the performance and quality of the Hair Transplant every day.


More than 35,000 hair transplants guarantee our experience

Our mission is to provide our patients a specialized and personalized service, in accordance with the best practices associated with each of the medical treatments and clinical procedures that we offer.


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